CEW Beauty Creators Awards

May 05, 2021

CEW Beauty Creators Awards

CEW turned to three beauty executives for their expertise in product recommendation and peer recognition. Here’s what Mimi Banks, CEO & Founder, MB Social; Susanna Fernandes, Chair of the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) and Lead E-Sales Executive, Tri-K Industry Inc.; and Dr. Ellen Marmur had to say on these subjects.

Susanna Fernandes: “Originality is the biggest draw for me. A product that solves an age-old problem in a new way will always pique my interest. Whether it’s with a different combination of actives, a clever sourcing strategy, or a new way to use a widely known product, I love taking a journey with people’s new ideas. Pair that with a neat story about where the inspiration came from, and I’ll be telling everyone to go check the product out.

Dr. Ellen Marmur: “In order to recommend a product to a friend it needs to have good, potent ingredients. I would not recommend any product that is full of fillers and harmful chemicals. My favorite products are those that have proven results, and good for your skin ingredients that can multitask.”

Mimi Banks: “Recognition by the beauty industry is super important. It’s not only support from the community, but it’s also credibility that the product is valuable, needed and works. Consumers are inundated with products and trust product recommendations from their peers MORE than by the brands themselves.”

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