The 17 Best Deodorants for Every Kind of Sweaty Situation

April 27, 2021

The 17 Best Deodorants for Every Kind of Sweaty Situation

By Hannah Morrill

What starts out as a harbinger of adolescence—hello Teen Spirit, I see you and I honor you—quickly evolves into one of the stinky secrets of personal care: Most deodorants aren't that great. They're cakey. They stain your white tees. If you aren't into the stuffy smell of talc, you're done for. And perhaps most insulting? Most of them don't work, full stop. Of course, this is fifteen-year-old me talking. Adult me is here to tell you deodorant has come a long way, and honestly—some of them are amazing.

What's the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?
Deodorants should not be confused with antiperspirants, which are formulas which plug sweat cells from secreting any sweat at all. Antiperspirants rely on aluminum salts to block your sweat ducts. While there's no proven link between antiperspirants and breast cancer risk, concerns over the possibility have led some people to avoid them. But even outside of that, sweating is an essential physiological process, and many of us aren't keen to inhibit those. And so, deodorants! Ahead, the very best deodorants with elevated scents, sustainable packaging, and all the odor protection a gal could dream of.

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