Sasha Suncare

Dr. Ellen Marmur & daughter, Sasha Marmur



Sasha Marmur is a sixteen year old working on Sasha Suncare, a collaborative line of sunscreens with MMSkincare that provide incredible sun protection while invigorating and rejuvenating the skin. As the daughter of Dr. Ellen Marmur, a renowned dermatologic surgeon in New York City, Sasha grew up exposed to the realities of sun damage and can also understand why teenagers see sun protection as a bother or a task rather than necessity, but to her, tanning without sunscreen is like driving without a seatbelt. 

Her mission with Sasha Suncare is to educate teenagers about the dangers of sun damage and help normalize preventative sun care measures. The Sasha Skincare line not only allows individuals to protect themselves against the damaging effects of the sun, but also works in partnership with Beyond Suncare, an organization whose mission is to prevent skin cancer and promote the social inclusion of people with albinism (PWAs) in Africa. 100% of the profits made through the sales of Sasha Suncare will be directly donated to Beyond Suncare, which produces and distributes life-saving, specifically tailored sun care products to folks with albinism. 

This project is two-fold. On one hand, MMSkincare will donate all profits to Beyond Suncare, an international organization recognized by the United Nations, whose impact will be felt in Malawi, Tanzania, and other bordering countries. On the other hand, Sasha will be volunteering in her local community to raise awareness about the effects of improper sun care and educate people about the importance of preventative measures to combat sun damage.

Over 200,000 people with albinism live in sub-Saharan Africa, the region with the highest prevalence of albinism in the world, often in rural areas with little access to sunscreen and skin care education. The lack of education around albinism results in a total absence of information and the rise of discriminatory practices towards PWAs, who often face persecution and mutilation based on superstitious beliefs. On top of social exclusion, most children with albinism in the region have pre-cancerous lesions, and skin cancer caused by sun damage ends the lives of 9 out of 10 people with albinism by the time they reach 30. 

Every ten bottles of Sasha Suncare sold equates to an entire year's worth of sunscreen, education, and dermatologic screening for a person with albinism. To learn more, visit

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