The MMSkincare App

Bluetooth App Connect Code is 1 2 3 4 5 6

  1. Download the free MM Skincare App from the App Store. It’s quick!
  2. Set up your account and allow notifications for us to check your progress.
  3. Take a baseline selfie which saves to your private photo library.
  4. Take the MMSkinQuiz analysis and answer 10 short questions about your skin and lifestyle.
    • The results will recommend your individual products and type of LED session.  
  5. Retake this quiz anytime and see how your skincare recommendations change based on your lifestyle, travel, or sleep patterns.
  6. You may shop and replenish from the MM Skincare App! The App also tracks your good skincare habits like other wellness apps, and you win points for free stuff!
  7. All of the products are designed to work together so, like Dr. Marmur, you may decide to use them all for different days. The products are gentle enough for all skin types; no acids or harsh chemicals, no artificial fragrances, and our ‘free from’ list is long!


The MMSkincare App Bluetooth Directions

Prepare the MMSphere LED

  • Charge the unit for one hour or until dial light is Green when charging.
  • Download the MMSkincare App
    • Make sure that version minimum is 1.7.1
  • Turn knob to mode 1. (A counter-clockwise turn)
  • Open MMSkincare App
    • Sign in or register with a new account.
  • On the Left-side Menu, choose List Device.
      • The App will open a list device page where you will see the MMSphere image in gray.
  • Troubleshoot - Make sure the MMSphere is ON in mode 1 (blue light) BEFORE you launch the MMSkincare App

Connect to the MMSphere LED Device

  • Make sure the MMSphere dial is on mode 1 (Blue LED)
  • Click on the Connect Device circle
    • If the CONNECT DEVICE is grey, tap SCAN on the top right
  • If the screen is blank, make sure the LED device is turned on and within range of your phone to be able to pair.
    • Click SCAN to search for the MMSphere Bluetooth signal
  • To Troubleshoot the device, exit the App completely and turn off the MMSphere. Restart MMSphere LED first, then open the App.

Pairing the MMSphere LED Device

  • When the popup request is presented enter 1 2 3 4 5 6 as the code.
  • Tap PAIR.

Start your customized MMSphere LED session

  • Click Next on the yellow screen background.
  • You will be taken to the main page.
  • Proceed to take the MMSkinQuiz and it will start your customized session.